Islam-destroying Islam!

NisfReviewing the world map and following up on the amount of destruction and bloodshed worldwide, one can easily notice that unlike other countries enjoying peace, development and respect of humanity around the world, devastation and killing have been stationed in our Arab and Muslim region for long years now. One can also find that the absolute majority of civil wars, killings, decapitations and bloodshed under fake flags of Islam are taking place in our region, regardless of false pretense to love and advocate Islam by those carrying them (those who see describing other Muslims as infidels and killing them daily as the only way to promote Islam and improve its image amongst other nations)!

Real Muslims from various sects and doctrines must unite (instead of divide) to face those working on destroying Islam in the name of Islam. Bloodshed and dividing nations is not being done under secular, Marxist or liberal flags. These crimes are rather being committed under the flags of Islam with the aim of disfiguring it and deceiving misled youth. This will go on as long as ‘deceivers’ continue receiving billions and millions as the price of destroying their own nations with the excuse of protecting them.

Other peoples around the world cannot tell the difference between Sunnis and Shiites, Zaidis and Alawites, Ibadis and Druze, Sufis or Ismailis, etc. We ought to treat each other the way others treat us without discriminating between the followers of this or that doctrine. Everybody has peacefully co-existed for thousands of years.

If only the Arab League had not been deeply asleep, we would have called for an immediate meeting for all sects and doctrines’ clerics in the Arab region so that the ongoing wars and genocide can immediately stop and all followers can realize that the problem is not in their religions or doctrines. The real problem is in those taking advantage of such dissimilarities to kill everybody and destroy nations.

Finally, we need new initiatives and creative thoughts in the Arab League’s Secretariat General because the Arab nation is being destroyed while the Secretariat General is preoccupied with futile bureaucracy. – Translated by Kuwait Times from Al-Anbaa

By Sami Al-Nisf

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