KUWAIT: Kuwaiti authorities banned around 1,100 Lebanese and Syrian nationals from renewing their residency visas in the country due to their affiliations with Hezbollah, Al-Qabas reported yesterday quoting security sources. These people have either direct ties or simply sympathize with the group that the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) has recently branded as a terrorist organization, said the sources who spoke on the condition of anonymity. Some of them were given a one month notice to leave Kuwait, while others described as ‘dangerous’ will be deported immediately, the sources said. They added that Kuwaiti authorities had recently received a list of Lebanese and Syrian nationals who were deported from other GCC states.

Student abuses drugs A student at Saad Al-Abdallah Security Sciences Academy was arrested while being under the influence of drugs, a security source said. The man was noticed acting abnormally while being with other students at a non-commissioned officers’ training class. He was taken for questioning, during which he admitted of abusing the ‘spice’ drug inside the toilet. He added that he managed to smuggle the drugs by hiding them in his clothes. Furthermore, the man told officers that other students were abusing the same drug, and police later arrested another student.

Cousins fight Two cousins got involved in a bloody fight in Nugra, sparked by some unfinished old disputes between the two. Police arrived to the seen in response to an emergency call, and took the two Egyptian nationals to the police station for further legal action

Smuggling foiled Customs officers at Kuwait International Airport foiled an Indian passenger’s attempt to smuggle marijuana into Kuwait. They found three kilograms of the drug hidden in the man’s suitcase

Hairdresser assaulted A hairdresser accused a female citizen of beating and insulting her. The Egyptian woman gave Fintas police a medical report stating that she sustained various bruises and claimed that a customer beat her. Investigations are underway. — Al-Qabas, Al-Rai