‘Arabia Mall’ welcomes guests, prudent investors – Special location and unique brands

arabia-mallKUWAIT: Dar Sama Real Estate Co, a subsidiary of Sama Holding Group, distinguished in real estate marketing, has announced the launching operations of the Arab Mall complex. This sophisticated mall, abounding in all the modern amenities and new gen. attractions, will be opened shortly to the honorable public. Beautifully set in Al Oqaila with easy access from the twin main roads on either side, this shopper-friendly complex has already attracted numerous local and global distinctive retailers.

The honorable CEO & Dy Chairman said that this news release is in pursuance of his earlier announcement of the Arab Mall opening in which a range of its distinguished features have been highlighted. “The Sama Group Holding”, said Al Osaimi, “considered the mall as their dream project that should serve a ‘mind-blowing experience’ to the public superseding all their imaginable expectations both in form and content that the people should love to shop and roam for long”.

Al Osaimi also highlighted the major features of this exquisite complex: – A strategic location in a densely populated area of nearly 220,000 people. Easy access from the two main streets on either side. This lets the retail shops enjoy extra major fronts giving an added value to their investment. – Five entrances perfectly distributed to ensure a smooth vehicle-flow in and out of the complex premises. – Flexible spaces where shop sizes start from 20 sqm up to any giant space of your choice. – Integrated Services to include parking guard, security and cleaning services. – This architectural masterpiece surrounded by an exquisite, neatly engineered landscape permeates a cool ambience that none can resist. – Natural and relaxing lighting arrangements suitable to each floor.

Investment opportunities
Al Osaimi pointed out saying: “In light of these distinguished characteristics, the Arab Mall is no doubt, a safe haven for investment that will fetch assured returns at a higher percentage in comparison with other sectors of the economy, a fact reinforced by the company’s present trend in which the investors who have hitherto been directing their investments to medium sized commercial complexes have volunteered to invest with us”. “Such features”, he added, “were instrumental to filling up the mall’s available space in record time, attracting local and international leading retailers. This in turn contributed to strengthening the elite status of the complex and enhancing its reputation as a remarkable commercial and shopping destination for all”.

Excellence in design
The Arab Mall could be rated as the finest mall in terms of both design and implementation, where the most accurate global standards have been kept in creating this brilliant architectural masterpiece. In addition to its eye-catching external demeanor similar to the letter ‘L’ in Latin, the interior space is designed in an immensely rich style and manner with respect to an endearing distribution of its various activities; this in turn has facilitated a smooth and comfortable movement among its different sections and the distribution of the rented companies according to the nature of their activities and the extent of interdependence among themselves.

Regarding the technical aspects the mall’s interior has been provided with advanced infrastructure, as it includes 9 lifts, 18 electric stairs and a 2 Tire lift from the prestigious Mitsubishi. The complex has also provided an intelligent control system BMS in all the electrical appliances and lighting as well as the cooling system. The complex assures the highest safety standards and runs on a continuous monitoring system.

Natural elements
The Landscape experts specially designed this for a very relaxing and homely shopping experience. The visitors and the shoppers can enjoy the natural coolness and serenity both before and after an exhaustive shopping, an irresistible feel that can be identified from the moment of the visitor’s arrival in the outer area rich in green herbal floors and trees. So are the interior sections where its exquisite design lets the daylight penetrate evenly to the various floors as it were by Nature too!

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