Kuwait Fashion Week showcases local designers

saharKuwait has always been a place with amusing contradictions. It takes the extreme – of almost everything in life. Kuwait is an Islamic country where women are expected to wear hijab or abaya, like they do in Saudi Arabia, Iran and other Islamic countries where hijab (or abaya) is a must. A lot of locals and non-local women do wear the hijab or abaya of course, but at the same time if you hit the mall, you will be amazed seeing so many elegant women and stylish teenagers wearing the latest trends and brands.

Last week, ‘Kuwait Fashion Week’ – a dazzling haute couture fashion event for women took place. Twelve Kuwaiti and non-Kuwaiti fashion designers showcased their collections on stage in the presence of international media including many famous fashion magazines and TV stations. The designs were so daring, stylish, artistic and elegant and left a very positive impression on the international media.

Proud moment for Kuwaiti fashion designers

The designs were a mixture of sophisticated and elegant dresses that embrace the modern designs and show the soul of Kuwaiti heritage. It was a bold move from the Kuwaiti designers to showcase their artistic abilities and to show the other part of Kuwait. A statement to prove that Kuwait have so much potential – highlighting its trademark in the fashion industry. It also proves that Kuwaiti makeup artists and designers need so much support because they have so much to give and show.

The event was well organized and didn’t fell to the Arab clichéd events. The event didn’t start with the Master of Ceremony (MC) like we usually do in this part of the world. The catwalk was perfectly executed to meet international standards and the design of the podium was made to leave a message. The design made history as it ushers in a new page in the Kuwait’s fashion industry. And all models where professional models from Paris. To add a class to the event, the first day featured a harp player who enthralls the audience with a new brand of classical music. The event got livelier the second day as guitar and voila players mesmerized the audience with a mixture of Arabic, Latin and classical live music – a gesture that raised the bar so high.

What surprised everyone was that even in the middle of wars, conflicts, pessimism, negative stereotype in this Islamic region, something so beautiful, elegant, classy and fresh came out of it. I do salute the Kuwait authorities for making it possible here – defying all odds. It is time for Kuwait to show that it is not less than any of its neighboring countries when it comes to fashion and creativity.

By Sahar Moussa
[email protected]

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