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1,023 employers prosecuted ; Travel ban orders

Hind Al-Subaih
Hind Al-Subaih

KUWAIT: The Public Authority for Manpower referred 1,023 employers’ files for investigations on charges of violating labor regulations since the beginning of this year, Minister of Social Affairs and Labor Hind Al- Subaih said.

They include 325 cases of failure to provide jobs for workers recruited from abroad, a method often used to facilitate human trafficking.

Meanwhile, Subaih said that the latest registered total number of expatriate workers in the private sector reached 1,640,808, including 549,321 Indians, 448,141 Egyptians, 152,331 Bangladeshis, and 83,465 Filipinos. —Al-Anbaa

Travel ban orders
The total number of people in Kuwait who faced travel ban orders in the past three years reached 239,911, including 55,480 this year alone. Travel ban orders is considered an effective method to guarantee debts’ payment, a government official said. —Al-Qabas

11,000 to retirement
A total of 10,908 public sector employees are eligible for retirement after passing the maximum service limit of 30 years in office. They make up 3.7 percent of the total number of labor forces in state department. Furthermore, they include 7,322 Kuwaitis and 3,586 expatriates. —Al-Qabas

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