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DIY remedies for better skin

realfouzHow annoying is it when you’re getting ready for a huge occasion, let’s say your friend’s wedding, birthday dinner or whatever it is, and you get yourself the most beautiful gown and booked your appointment at the salon to get all dazzled up and a day or two before your event you notice a huge zit appearing on your face, or worse,on your nose or forehead, so obvious and out there that no makeup can hide that bump! I hate when that happens especially that you feel like you can’t do much about it, when a matter of fact is that you actually can.

We tend to always go for the extreme measures whenever we want to solve a problem, especially when it’s related to our skin and appearance. Most girls would usually start playing around with the pimple trying to either burst it, or cover it with makeup to a point where they’re actually highlighting the area rather than covering it correctly, however, not a lot of girls nowadays would consider hitting the kitchen for that quick and organic remedy that might save them.

Many times we forget that all the chemicals we apply on our skin, whether it was makeup, moisturizers or skin-related products, harm our skin more than improving it, and by trying on all of these products we are actually neglecting our skin. I’ve also noticed that recently girls have been suffering from skin issues in a later stage in life, usually our skin acts out during our teenage years up until we hit our early 20’s, but now girls have been suffering from the same issue but in a later phase, such as mid-late 20’s, which shouldn’t be the case but our lifestyles has changed drastically, were exposed to more sun, weather changes, and different chemicals and products.

So! I’ve decided to share with you some home remedies that you can do by yourself in the comfort of your own home and on the kitchen counter to kill that stubborn pimple or help your skin heal from any acne scars. Try them out, and you will start understanding what works better with your skin type but most importantly, make sure you’re not allergic to any of those ingredients before applying them on your skin!

Apple Cider Vinegar:
Apple Cider can be used for many things, some people use it on their scalp even, but when you apply it on your skin you’re actually balancing the Ph level of your skin and almost completely killing the bacteria that are usually the ones that cause these break outs to happen. Apply a mixture of 1 part vinegar and 3 parts water to your face using a cotton pad after you’ve washed your face.

Honey and Cinnamon:
You might never have mixed those two together, let alone apply them both to your skin, but believe it or not cinnamon and honey combined will literally wipe all the bacteria out of your skin, as they’re both antimicrobial. Apply the mixture as a mask for 15mins then rinse off with warm water.

Egg whites:
Many have tried this homemade remedy and are crazy about it as it helps improve both your acne and acne scars to disappear due to the fact that they’re fully stacked with proteins and vitamins that stop bacteria from piling up as well as renews your skin cells. Separate the white from the yolk of 2-3 eggs, let them sit for a few minutes then use your fingers to apply them on your face, apply around 3-4 layers on the areas which you want to focus on. Leave it on for around 20 minutes then wash off with warm water.

Always try looking for new remedies to try out for your skin, you’ll be amazed by how healthy and helpful it is to use organic and natural face masks as we are always looking for the next “it-product” or the newest makeup brands and so forth, but all these chemicals will take a toll on your skin and your skin is literally what keeps you together, you take it as a package with you till you’re older, and the more you take care of it the more you’re skin will be capable to go through what you put it through.

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